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Benchmark your key product risks and your company’s product experience against the industry as a whole or against specific sub-segments of the industry.


Access tools that allow you to understand industry product profitability experience by key financial risk factors.  This data allows companies to compare their own product performance against the industry or a segment of the industry.  It also provides valuable inputs to the annual product assumption setting process as companies examine their recent results and set their internal expectations regarding the future.  Product experience includes: mortality, claims, lapse/surrender, benefit utilization, benefit election, and withdrawal activity for the following product lines.

No part of any report may be reproduced or translated without written permission from LIMRA. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

Annuity Experience Studies

Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefit Election Tracking

Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefit Election Tracking

Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefits Utilization Study (VAGLBUS)

Learn more about benefit utilization - as well as the connection with behaviors such as withdrawals and persistency - to assist with assessing and managing the long-term risks of these VA GLBs.

Deferred Annuity Persistency (2007)

This study examines the surrender activity of deferred annuities by selected product, customer, and distribution characteristics.

Canadian Segregated Funds Product Experience Study

Learn about Canadian segregated funds product policyholder behavior and mortality experience, key risk factors that materially impact the cost of guaranteed death, maturity, and withdrawal benefits provided by segregated funds products.

Life Experience Studies

Other Product Experience Studies

U.S. Long-Term Care Insurance Persistency

Long-lasting benefit? Find out about U.S. industry long-term care insurance product-persistency experience benchmarking, product development, and planning.

Final Expense Insurance Study

Learn about the final expense market including sales volumes, inforce premium, new business processing, policy statistics, and product performance.

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