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MarketFacts Number 3, 2020

MarketFacts Number 3-2020 is a Special Issue, focusing on Workplace Benefits trends in financial services, as well as COVID-19 research updates and industry impact and response.

Digital Edition

Feature Articles


President’s Page: Will There Be a New Normal?

David Levenson, President and CEO of LL Global, speaks to how the association and our industry can take a leadership role in driving positive change in a time of brokenness. “We can only hope that individuals and companies unify to take responsibility and accountability for addressing racial inequality.”

Workplace Benefits Commentary: The New World of Work

A look at how recent events have changed the world of work and the workplace benefits business model. “Many foresee remote work having permanence, and some form of hybrid work model emerging.”

COVID-19 Commentary: A Farewell to Handshakes: Life Markets in a Post-COVID World

A brief look at how the pandemic is affecting distribution and face-to-face communication. “COVID-19 has redefined the handshake from a gesture of good will and trust to an unwelcome invasion of personal space and a health risk.”

Look Again: The Workplace Redefined

Alison Salka, SVP and Director of LIMRA Member Benefits and Research, explores industry response to the current environment, in terms of benefits, financial wellness, and support. “One silver lining of the global crisis may be the enduring improvements in benefits that secure a brighter future for all.”

Minute With a Millennial