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LIMRA SRI Review Number 2, 2020

SRI Review Number 2-2020 explores topics relevant to the retirement industry in the current environment, including emergency savings accounts, tax flexibility, consumer trends, advisor and sponsor attitudes and actions, the SECURE Act, diversity, and fraud.

Digital Edition

Featured Articles


Improving Resiliency and Diversity

Matt Drinkwater — Corporate VP of SRI® — shares insights on the impact of COVID-19 and how the retirement industry can take steps to improve disparities across racial/ethnic groups. “Racial and ethnic inequalities have been enduring challenges and will require sustained attention and investment to address.”

Investing in Today for a Better Tomorrow

Jamie Ohl, Executive VP and President of Retirement Plan Services at Lincoln Financial, gives her perspective on balancing the needs of today with vision for tomorrow, in the retirement space. “We can help people secure their financial futures and achieve the retirement they envision through innovation, technology, and personalized service.”

The Workplace Redefined

Alison Salka, SVP and Director of LIMRA Member Benefits and Research, explores industry response to the current environment, in terms of benefits, financial wellness, and support. “One silver lining of the global crisis may be the enduring improvements in benefits that secure a brighter future for all.”

No Consensus on SECURE

Deb Dupont — Associate Managing Director of SRI®— reflects on series of recent, in-depth interviews with leading industry organizations and voices discussing the SECURE Act. “The industry is now addressing the possibilities that SECURE raises in terms of easing the path for in-plan guaranteed investment income options via safe harbor protections and portability.”