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The most progressive companies leverage technology and their digital programs as a means to upend the traditional paradigm. "The Digital Divide" and this paper provide insights on how to effectively bridge IT investment and business value delivery.


The insurance industry has been going through an accelerated digital transformation over the past several years. An age-old problem across our industry is the ability to strike an effective balance between IT investment and creation of business value. Once considered as "IT costs", the industry now looks at this "spend" as an investment in their viability and vibrancy. There are certain levers that Business and Technology leaders can pull in order to potentially optimize their IT investment, while increasing the business value.

New tech-driven strategy requires four major shifts:

  • Increase focus on transformational priorities
  • Increase focus on long term objectives
  • Slightly increase focus on technology foundations and core modernization
  • Increase focus on business value

The time is now for carriers to shift how they strategically think about technology value and priorities and embed operational changes to enable this shift.

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