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Developing and Managing Talent for High Performance

When you seek ever-more effective ways to identify, recruit, train, develop, and retain outstanding sales professionals, you are not alone. Your competitors are looking for the same talent for the same reason — winning in the marketplace. To come out ahead, you need future-state talent-management solutions, and you need them today.

Providing those solutions — to help enhance your profitability and productivity around the world — is at the heart of everything we do at LIMRA. 

What's New

LIMRA Digital Learning Academy

Engaging today's learners with blended learning techniques inlcuding classroom training with modules for mobile and social learning. Platform features include:

  • Flipped classroom
  • Bite-sized content
  • Just-in-time 
  • Experiential learning


Digital Learning Academy

Engaging, immersive and meaningful education platform for today’s learners (revise)

Fast Track to Management

Helps your newly appointed managers recruit more and grow business.


Gives your first-year managers today’s best practices.

Agency Management Training Course (AMTC)

Equips your managers with crucial agency management skills for succeeding in today's marketplace.

Agency Enhancement Series (AES)

Helps your senior sales managers enhance their agency organizations by adopting advanced practices.

Managing Agency Profitability Seminar (MAPS)

Helps your senior sales managers focus on making connections between their everyday decisions and bottom line results.


Regional Officers School (ROS)

Helps your new executives develop the skills required and receive tools they need to lead and grow their agency managers.

Effective Management Skills (EMS)

Helps your rising executives gain management skills for leading their teams from simple coordination to high-functioning collaboration.

Strategic Leadership (SL)

Helps your senior executives develop executive leadership skills to plan beyond sales development and build their territories for the future.

LIMRA Leadership Institute™

Engage new thinking, new skills, and new capabilities for today's leaders.