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Looking for Growth and Profitability?

We understand that sales productivity and persistency are the key drivers of your success. That’s why member companies turn to LIMRA for our highly-respected, internationally recognized award programs that help your company to acknowledge and reward sales producers and managers.

Reward, Motivate, Communicate!

The International Quality Award (IQA), International Award for Productivity (IAP), and International Quality Management Award (IQMA) improve your sales results by enabling your company to:

  • Implement internationally-recognized awards for productivity and persistency
  • Motivate producers to increase production while writing quality business
  • Create standards for your company that will shape your sales culture
  • Spotlight and encourage quality producers and managers which can lead to reduced turnover rates
  • Build your customer base

LIMRA recognizes:

  • Companies for sponsoring quality business
  • Sales people for building quality business
  • Sale managers for leading quality business

Learn more about our new Digital Badges for use on business cards, social media and more!

Available only outside the United States.


Showcase Your Achievements With Digital Badges

RnR 3 badges 310x208.png

AIAM and CIAM designees will receive a diploma, pin, and digital badge to showcase and promote their achievement.

Digital badges are digital representations of your professional designation or credential that can be easily shared in a way that is trusted and verifiable. You can use your digital badges on social media, in your email signature, on business cards and stationery, and on your resume or CV.

All badges can be verified at our verification sites, ensuring that you receive credit for your accomplishments.

Learn more about all of our international digital badges

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