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Remote PROductivity Toolkit

RemotePRO is an industry-specific toolkit geared toward improving virtual employee productivity and success. The toolkit will determine which employees have the competencies to thrive virtually, help leaders recognize and improve virtual workforce management, and provide employees’ perspectives on their virtual work environment.

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About Remote PROductivity Toolkit

Recognizing that the work environment has evolved, LL Global introduces an industry-specific toolkit geared toward improving virtual employee productivity and success.

Built with industry partners, and supplemented with content from global talent leaders, the toolkit can be used for selection and development with three core components:

  1. RemotePRO Employee — Now Available!: measures competencies needed to succeed in a virtual role
  2. RemotePRO Leader — Now Available!: measures the competencies needed to be successful in managing a remote workforce             
  3. RemotePRO EmployeeView — Coming Soon!: collects information about how the employee feels about different aspects of their remote environment

Each of the components offers a dashboard with roll-up reporting and benchmarking. You can use this “big picture” information to determine how your company compares to peers in the industry and to track progress over time.


What is RemotePRO?

Learn more about the Remote PROductivity Toolkit including its development, the user experience, and the insights you can gain into your remote or hybrid workforce. 

Interested in Learning Who is a RemotePRO?

Use Remote PROductivity Toolkit to gain the multi-faceted insights your organization needs to make the critical decisions to succeed in our evolving work environment.

  • Are your employees’ skills aligned with working virtually?
  • Are your leaders prepared to manage virtually?
  • Is their environment set up for remote success?

RemotePRO will provide insights into all aspects of virtual work, from the employee’s abilities and feelings to the leader’s ability to manage virtually. This toolkit will:

  • Determine which employees have the competencies to thrive virtually
  • Help leaders recognize and improve virtual workforce management
  • Provide the employees’ perspective on their virtual work environment

Utilized as a total package, you will gain a complete picture of your virtual environment. You’ll see which areas in your organization are thriving and which may need special attention. You’ll gain insight into how your entire organization matches up against your peers, ensuring everyone is a RemotePRO.


What's Next? Approaching the Future of Remote-First Work

Join our panel of experts to learn about the challenges for organizations and their workforce and the skills required to successfully navigate through the new world of work. The LL Global and Aon teams present an initiative supporting and enabling companies, their leaders, and their workforce to approach a future of remote-first work. We will show how you can identify and develop relevant skills, provide your leaders with the tools needed to successfully guide their teams, and how to generate impactful insights on an organizational level.

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