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Remote PROductivity Toolkit

RemotePRO is an industry-specific toolkit geared toward improving virtual employee productivity and success. The toolkit will determine which employees have the competencies to thrive virtually, help leaders recognize and improve virtual workforce management, and provide employees’ perspectives on their virtual work environment.


Please check back often for additional resources. 

Developmental Resources - RemotePRO Employee

When utilizing the RemotePRO Toolkit, focus development conversations on the lower scores in the feedback report. Ensure productive conversations by using the coaching and discussion guides found here. Try not to tackle too much at once, and don't forget to also discuss the areas where the individual may have excelled!

For Participating Companies

Approved users from participating companies may access their RemotePROductivity Toolkit dashboard here.

You will need to be logged in to your account to access the dashboard.  

Remote Work Insights

Remote Work Insights: Videos

Additional Resources

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