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FraudShare is used by leading companies across the financial services industry to combat account takeover fraud.

Fraudsters are more sophisticated, better organized, and have a greater impact on the financial services industry than ever before. Individual life, individual annuities, and retirement plans are under attack.

What's New

Highlights from the FraudShare Annual Report

FraudShare is one of the most widely used tools by our members to prevent third party account takeover fraud. Learn more about how it is being used and insights gained from fraud incidents entered into FraudShare. Note: This report is available only to those with a account.


The FraudForum is for FraudShare users to interact and share information regarding a wide range of financial crimes and fraud topics. In addition to sharing information and collaborating with peers on fraud incidents users can also share information on fraud controls, fraud training and fraud operations. The intent is for users to share incidents, exchange experiences, and offer lessons learned and best practices that will help everyone strengthen their financial crimes and fraud prevention capabilities.

API Capabilities Now Available

Seamlessly collect Account Takeover (ATO) Incident records and associated Threat Indicators from FraudShare saving time and allowing regular and programmatic ingestion into your other internal fraud prevention tools and applications.
Incident Request API - The Incidents API is used to request incident records from the FraudShare utility. The caller specifies a date range using the input parameters and receives a JSON list of all incidents for that date range. The data returned is similar to the incident data returned from the FraudShare utility’s Data Export page.
Threat Indicator Request API - The Threat Indicator API is used to request threat indicator records from the FraudShare utility. The caller specifies a date range using the input parameters, as well as a disposition value to allow setting all threat indicators to the dispositioned state, and receives a JSON list of all threat indicators for that date range. The data returned is similar to the threat indicator data returned from the FraudShare utility’s Data Export page.

The Neighborhood Fraud Watch for Financial Services

Defend against new account takeover sources and schemes

FraudShare helps you monitor and better understand new fraud challenges to your company and the industry. Fraudulent attacks at one company are quickly assessed and reported to others in the FraudShare network. The “fingerprints” that fraudsters leave behind are documented in a secure FraudShare database.

Protect your customers and brand

FraudShare is based on the principle that we are stronger working together to protect our customers. Contact us today to learn more about this secure, convenient, centralized, and timely early-warning system — and how to join a community of fraud fighters.



FraudShare Overview

Learn about the features and benefits of FraudShare.



Join the neighborhood fraud watch for financial services. Schedule a demo today to experience the new account takeover alert utility for the insurance and retirement industry.


Why FraudShare?

Learn about the industry hackathon that initiated development.

FraudShare is a superior addition to our suite of fraud prevention tools. We are starting to see FraudShare identified as the detection method. As more companies are onboarded, the impact will increase. The tool provides an early-warning indication of potential suspect activity allowing John Hancock to proactively research and stop a potential account takeover, protecting customer assets.

- Laurene Polignone, AVP, John Hancock Risk Management

FraudShare has been a great addition to support our fraud-fighting efforts. The integration has already helped Securian Financial prevent fraud.

- Scott A. Helgeson, Business Operations Director

We have found Fraudshare to be a valuable addition to our fraud-fighting toolbox. It’s amazing all that can be accomplished by a team of dedicated individuals and companies united for a common purpose.

- Diane Boyette, ALMI, ACS, AIRC | Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer Compliance, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

Screen Shots

FraudForum - NEW

Introducing a new feature for FraudShare Members — The FraudForum, an interactive community to share and discuss information regarding a wide range of Financial Crimes and Fraud Topics.

FraudForum screen shot.jpg


  • Easy access to the threat indicators used by fraudsters, how often and how many companies attacked
  • Provides industry-level incident data allowing companies to compare and contrast

FraudShare Dashboard 2.14.20.png

Correlation Tool

Companies can easily identify other threat indicators that may be associated with an attack using the coorelation analysis tool.  While a company may know about one or more threat indicators associated with an attack, by using FraudShares Correlation Analysis, they may learn of other threat indicators that they have yet to discover. FraudShare Correlation 2.14.20.png


Companies can receive real time email alert notifications or access the Fraudshare data directly through data export capabilities or APIs. 

FraudShare email notification 2.14.20.png


Graphs and Charts

FraudShare contains standard charts that provide companies a picture of the account take over attacks reported by their company as compared to other participating companies.  This allows companies to understand if their experiences are similar to others and can help them prioritize fraud prevention spend as well fraud prevention control and process changes.

FraudShare graphs 2.14.20.png

FraudShare Graphs2 2.14.20.png

FraudShare® is a registered trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.


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