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Employee Insights Series


Data Privacy in a Digitally Evolving Workplace Benefits Landscape


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Connecting effectively with today’s workers requires organizations to not only embrace digital strategies, but also create engaging online employee experiences. These solutions require access to data — oftentimes Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Approximately 90% of employees say they value personalized, digital experiences as they shop for, select, and use their benefits.1


Majority of Workers Show No More Than a Moderate Level of Concern2

Workers appreciate the digital experience of workplace bene ts but worry about unauthorized access to their personal data — including benefit information — by entities other than themselves, their employer, or the benefits provider.

Level of concern regarding personal data security and workplace benefits

(Percent of Workers)

Fortunately, the majority of workers show only a moderate level of concern at best, suggesting a baseline trust and comfort
in providing PPI related to their benefits.


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