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Protect Your Company & Producers’ Reputations

LIMRA’s Customer Assurance Program (CAP™) is a survey tool that combines a customized post-sale “satisfaction-survey” approach with trending and dashboard analytics to identify overall strengths, deficiencies, and off-pattern outliers. CAP is primarily used for its supervisory benefits and confirms the money, time, and efforts spent on compliance is working.

CAP™ will help you:

  • Supervise market conduct and communicate expected sales behaviors
  • Confirm and document customer understanding shortly after the sales
  • Protect your brand and your sales professionals
  • Improve customer satisfaction and persistency
  • Drill down through product or distribution levels to identify potential areas of concern
  • Demonstrate an outlier or potential area of concern is not a pattern of company-wide practice
  • Detect undisclosed replacements

Primary consumer research and analytics

Knowing what customers think of their purchase and their financial professional is crucial to your company’s success. Using proven CAP approaches, we continuously collect and utilize new buyer input for you at arm’s length.

Combining the voice of the customer data with our unique online data visualization system, we capture your clients understanding and thoughts about what, how and why they made their purchase and monitor key sales process information, including replacements, suitability and best interest activity where applicable.

Trending CAP results highlights strengths and exposes areas for improvement at the company-wide and other hierarchical levels.

Executives across your organization can use it to

  • Confirm customer understandings and highlight misunderstandings
  • Inform compliance, marketing, customer experience, product, underwriting, distribution decisions
  • Enhance marketing communications, producer training, customer service, and selling
  • Protect your brand, increase customer satisfaction, and improve persistency
  • Praise your producers for a job well done and protect them by documenting buyer understanding

LIMRA handles the entire data collection process to ensure that your company data, as well as benchmarks, are objective and unbiased. CAP surveys are customizable and may be delivered by mail or email and are offered for both individual annuity and life insurance product lines.

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