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RightChoice System

RightChoice System is a new hiring system providing financial services companies the flexibility to create their own tailored assessment journey aligned with their specific roles while providing both candidates and recruiters better experiences.

About RightChoice System:

RightChoice System is NOW AVAILABLE!

To increase retention, boost productivity, and improve the overall quality of agents, LL Global introduces an assessment system that allows you to create a tailored candidate journey that best fits your sales culture and hiring objectives. It marries proven predictability with unparalleled flexibility.  Unlike other assessment solutions, we intimately understand the hiring and onboarding challenges unique to our industry. We’ve applied that understanding, creating a solution that will inform and delight each one of your users – from your candidates to your recruiters. You’ll love it and your hiring managers will too.

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Why is this important?

This new system will feature:

  • an improved experience for candidates and hiring managers
  • enhanced visuals for a more engaging experience and easier comprehension
  • streamlined, actionable feedback reports for hiring managers with supporting resources that provide the whys and hows of using the tool
  • personalized candidate reports that encourage them to learn more about the career
  • validated results grounded in the science and research you’ve come to expect from LIMRA products

The launch of the RightChoice System will start with five components that you can use to design an assessment to find the best candidates:

  • SuccessPredictor
  • SalesPersona
  • LearningStyles
  • CareerView
  • PerformanceSkillsIndex
  • with more to come!

Early feedback on RightChoice System:

Based on a survey for the prototype version of RightChoice System

"We get calls from several candidates experiencing a high level of anxiety and have seen firsthand how extreme formality in either the introductory e-mail or assessment can put candidates on guard - I think the relaxed wording will help the candidate experience."

"The graphics are great. Very easy to see the score quickly... and you can read for more detail as needed."

"Very appealing! Lots of white space, not too many words, ratings are clear and highlighted...I really like the "merge reports" option :o)"

"As a visual (and busy) person, I liked this simplicity, ease of reading and layout of the reports. The visuals really added value."

"Easy to understand and got to the point. I like bullets on the report."

Videos & Webinars

Learn more about the different aspects of the RightChoice System


RightChoice System: Home Office Recruiters

Learn how the RightChoice System helps to recruit the best sales candidates.


RightChoice System: Hiring Manager

With RightChoice System, Hiring managers now have access to simple-to-interpret reporting that allows them to make informed decisions.


RightChoice System: Candidate Experience

Hiring assessments can be intimidating, but they are one of the first encounters your candidates have with your organization. Shouldn't your candidate experience be a good one?


RightChoice System Webinar July 2021

See the RightChoice System up-close in this on-demand webinar from LIMRA.

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