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Learn the Success Potential of Sales Candidates

For more than 80 years, LIMRA has helped financial services organizations focus their recruiting, hiring, training, and coaching efforts on candidates who can be top producers. For decades, the Career Profile served as the gold standard for field assessments, providing the most extensively validated and predictive tool in the industry.

Now, we’ve taken those proven results and evaluated every aspect of the experience — from the candidates to the hiring managers to develop the RightChoice System — the next generation of our field assessments.

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RightChoice System

How can you increase the odds of making a successful hire?

Field sales and field sales management are tough jobs. Very few make it for the long haul. We have a long history of providing the selection tools that increase the odds.

Just how long is our history with field assessments?

Way back in 1938 we offered the first major selection tool for life insurance agents. This was the precursor to our well-known field hiring assessment, Career Profile, which we began offering in 1982. Since then, it has become the most widely used and extensively validated selection tool in the insurance industry.

But what if there was an even better field assessment tool?
Unlike other assessment solutions, we intimately understand the hiring and onboarding challenges unique to our industry. We’ve applied that understanding, creating a solution that:

  • Can be tailored with our suite of tools to your hiring objectives and sales culture
  • Provides the right information at the right time in the process
  • Marries proven predictability with unparalleled flexibility
  • Will continuous grow and improve

Career Profile+™

When recruiting people for commissions-based sales positions, you need to look beyond their basic sales skills. You need to know whether they can survive the start-up phase of the career. Backed by more than 80 years of research, the Career Profile+ is the most extensively validated tool for predicting success in insurance and financial services sales. Using it early in the process helps you focus your recruitment efforts on candidates with the best chance for success during that difficult first year in the business.

The Career Profile+ is the industry standard because it's the only tool to focus on the underlying characteristics that differentiate people who succeed from people who don't. This highly effective tool collects information about each candidate's past work and life experiences, personality, goals, attitudes, and career expectations — then it predicts the likelihood that they will have above-average production and still be under contract with you in a year.

The Career Profile+ gives you just what you need to boost the effectiveness of your recruiting:

  • The overall rating helps you make quick candidate screening decisions
  • A detailed, customizable report helps you interview candidates by uncovering their motivations, concerns, expectations, work styles, and sales personality
  • Your customized office profile allows you to compare each candidate to your office's work styles and typical sales performance


Currently available in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Please contact us if it is not already available in your country.

Career Profile+ is a registered trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.

Career Profile Advantage

Whether your multiline agents focus on sales or also lead an office, the hard and soft costs of recruiting, coaching, developing, and supervising each one is a big investment.

Career Profile Advantage provides a clear prediction of who can succeed in multiline sales and — if you want — field leadership. It assesses whether candidates can do the job, will do the job, and fit your organization. Your questions about each candidate are answered, including:

  • Can the candidate succeed in multiline sales? 
  • How should I coach and develop the candidate?
  • What are his/her motivators, concerns, and expectations?
  • And optionally, can he/she be an effective leader? Who has the ability to recruit, select, train, coach, and manage agents and staff? Who can efficiently and effectively manage a business?


Career Profile Advantage evaluates candidates on

  • Key experiences impacting success potential
  • 4 personality characteristics crucial to sales success: Achievement Drive, Energy, Initiative and Persistence, and Persuasiveness.
  • 8 crucial leadership competencies
  • Candidate motivators, concerns, and expectations

Each candidate evaluation report provides important insights and includes key questions to ask during interviews — plus tips for evaluating responses


Currently available in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Please contact us if it is not already available in your country.

Career Profile® Advantage is a trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.



Career Profile+ Candidate Testing Update

April 2020 update of the candidate testing using CareerProfile +.


Career Profile+ Candidate Testing Update 2

May 2020 update of the candidate testing using CareerProfile +.


Career Profile+ Candidate Testing Update 3

July 2020 update of the candidate testing using CareerProfile +.

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