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LIMRA MarketFacts

MarketFacts Number 4-2020 explores Industry Resilience and response to the current environment, as well as current trends in insurance, workplace benefits, and retirement.


Enjoy in-depth reporting on issues that matter to you in LIMRA's award-winning MarketFacts magazine, Secure Retirement Institute Review, and e-bulletins.

MARKETS: Revisiting Segmentation

Apr 15, 2014

Where are the best opportunities for the sale of various insurance and financial services products? We know this question is critically important in the eyes of LIMRA’s members and, across our research program, much of the work we do is designed to address it.

Industry Strong Resources — July 1, 2020

This Week — July 1, 2020: ▶Virtual Worker Assessment ▶Streamlining Authentication in the Contact Center: MassMutual’s Trusted Identity Program ▶NEW! Two Short Online Courses Explain the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic ▶Extending the Life Insurance Value Proposition ▶COVID-19 Social Distance and Distribution: Advisor Survey Summary of Results ▶COVID-19 Social Distance and Distribution: Firm Survey Summary of Results

2017 LIMRA Research Catalog

Jul 12, 2018

2017 research, organized by topic.

LIMRA and LOMA Flagship Publications Are Honored for Excellence

WINDSOR, Conn., June 3, 2015 —LIMRA and LOMA announced today that their flagship publications have won APEX 2015 Awards for Publication Excellence.

LIMRA and LOMA Publications Win 2018 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence

LIMRA and LOMA’s flagship publications have been recognized as recipients of a 2018 APEX award for publication excellence.

COMMENTARY: Taking a Step Forward: The Secure Retirement Institute

Apr 15, 2014

LIMRA and LOMA are proud to announce the creation of the Secure Retirement Institute (SRI). The SRI is designed to advance research and education as catalysts for innovation within the industry in an effort to improve Americans’ retirement security