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Employer Strategies for Employee Benefits

Hidden Currents

Industry Issues

Employee benefits providers are facing three daunting challenges: 1) changing employee demographics; 2) employers battling rising health benefit costs; and 3) employers are covering fewer staff. Addressing these challenges sooner rather than later opens up new roads for market expansion.
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Key Findings

  • The percent of employers offering benefits dropped significantly between 2000 and 2014 and has remained flat since — event though the overall economy is improving.
  • Employers’ benefits policies are led by trends in health insurance, which are driven by ACA legislation and past/present cost controlling challenges. 
  • Though providers are trying to create more effective benefit communications, the messages are not getting across… Enrollment rates are often a derivative of employers’ funding methods, versus the value of these products to employees.

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Average Benefits Participan Rates (small)

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Meet the Project Director

Yuliya Babushkina
Assistant Research Director, Insurance Research

Babushkina joined LIMRA in 2004. Her responsibilities include managing U.S. group dental surveys and various studies in group product research, such as the Conference Practices Survey, Broker Panel Surveys, and the Dental Metrics Survey. Her current area of concentration is health care reform and its effect on employers, employees, carriers and brokers.

Babushkina received her diploma in history from Moscow State University (Lomonosov’s) (Russia). She has a master’s degree in history from Bowling Green State University and a master’s degree in survey research from the University of Connecticut.

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