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LIMRA Research and Benchmark Studies

Access LIMRA’s research findings to develop and execute effective business strategies for engaging today’s ever-changing markets.

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U.S. Workplace Dental and Vision Sales and In Force

Jun 30, 2022

Schedule your check-up on the latest market results for dental and vision products sold in the workplace.

U.S. Workplace Benefits Disability Insurance Sales and In Force

Jun 29, 2022

Step right up for the latest sales trends in the U.S. workplace-benefits market for disability insurance.

Life Insurance Industry Concerns About the Impact of Long-Term COVID Mortality

Jun 28, 2022

What concerns does the life insurance industry have about the impact of long-term COVID mortality?

DC Advisor Views: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investments in Defined Contribution (DC) Plans

Jun 28, 2022

Explore how defined contribution (DC) advisors are reacting to the surge in attention (and assets) toward ESG investments within their own plans practices.

Becoming a Financial Services Sales Professional

Jun 23, 2022

How are financial services sales professionals being recruited and how satisfied are they with the career?

Inside the Intermediary: BGA and IMO Survey Results

Jun 22, 2022

LIMRA and NAILBA collaborated on a research study to learn more about brokerage general agencies (BGAs) and independent marketing organizations (IMOs) in the U.S. The goal was to gain a better understanding of this marketplace, its composition, challenges, and opportunities.

Impact of Inflation

Jun 22, 2022

Prices are rising and Americans are concerned.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Sales

Jun 21, 2022

Size it up — quarterly U.S. individual life insurance sales results reported by 80 percent of the industry, as well as annual industry estimates and the comprehensive U.S. Individual Life Insurance Yearbook.

U.S. Life Insurance Marketing Briefing: LGBTQ Americans

Jun 15, 2022

Why do LGBTQ Americans live with a need gap when it comes to buying life insurance?

2021–2022 Benchmarking Employer Survey: Benefits Penetration Rates, Funding, and Participation

Jun 14, 2022

View the current landscape of employee benefits by exploring the results of 2021–2022 employer research.

Automated and Accelerated Underwriting: Life Insurance Company Practices in 2021

Jun 13, 2022

LIMRA asked underwriting leaders at life insurance companies about their practices regarding automated underwriting. Here are our findings.

Canadian Individual Life Insurance Sales

Jun 13, 2022

Sales buzz! Get the latest on quarterly individual life insurance sales for Canada.

Not-for-Profit Retirement Market

Jun 10, 2022

Take a closer look — participant, contribution, and asset benchmarks within not-for-profit retirement plans, with data categorized by product, plan type, and market segment.