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LIMRA and EY partnered to explore how key stakeholders (employers, employees, benefit brokers, and benefit technology providers) are responding to the transformational changes impacting the workplace benefits marketplace.


The workplace benefits marketplace continues to change on a transformational scale and at an accelerated pace, thanks in part to the widespread disruption of the working world since 2020, the rise of nontraditional workers, and the growing demand for new types of benefits. In summer 2021, LIMRA and EY joined forces to identify the most important changes that will shape the workplace benefits market over the next five years. Through a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, we surveyed over 800 employers and over 1,200 employees, and interviewed 25 brokers and 18 benefit technology providers. This research explored:

  • The changing needs of employers and employees
  • The evolving role of distributors, technology companies, and other third parties
  • How carriers can refine their value propositions and offerings to remain relevant and continue growth
  • Changing technology requirements and opportunities to digitize and automate key processes across different stakeholders
  • Workforce and employer expectations for a fully digital experience across the value chain

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