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The Digital Landscape

Where do consumers go when searching for life insurance online? How do they behave when visiting life insurance websites? We tracked real life consumer internet activity to find out.


This study tracked actual online behavior of consumers to learn how they search for life insurance, where they go, and how they engage with life insurance websites. These metrics can aid in digital marketing strategy and customer engagement.

  • Where do consumers go online to search for life insurance?
  • Engagement rates
  • Digital metrics
  • Where can advertising reach consumers interested in life insurance?
  • Type of pages visited on carrier websites (content vs. service vs. acquisition)
  • Percent of shoppers who started or completed an application form
  • Visitor demographics by website content type

LIMRA worked with market research firm Comscore and their consumer panel to track internet behavior of U.S. consumers who searched for life insurance online.

No part of any report may be reproduced or translated without written permission from LIMRA. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

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