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The LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) Standards are free standards developed in a collaborative environment by an independent member committee made up of organizations with a vested interest in establishing industry-based data exchange standards.

Data Exchange Standards facilitate the sharing of structured data across diverse information systems and represent the requirements for the format and content of the data being transferred among those systems.

The intent of the LDEx Standards Program is to define those format and content requirements along with the mechanisms by which data is exchanged. It is not to manage the source of the data, the data transfer or determine what happens to the data once it is transmitted.

Plan Overview

Recently Implemented

LDEx Benefits Enrollment Management (BEM) Standard Version 1.1 

The LDEx BEM 1.1 now includes new functionality allowing all LDEx Standards payloads to be delivered via REST API. The payload may be in either a .xml or .json format which are now available in the standards package download.

This backward-compatible release continues to enable the two-way exchange of coverage elections, changes, and terminations, as well as non-coverage demographic changes between technology companies and insurance carriers.

Supported Products:
  • Accident
  • AD&D
  • Cancer
  • Critical Illness
  • Dental
  • Disability (STD, LTD, State)
  • Hospital
  • Life
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Vision

Implementation Solutions:

Rest API icon.png

Coming Soon

LDEx Benefits Enrollment Management (BEM) Standard Version 1.2

This LDEx BEM enhancement allows carriers to receive a full population eligibility data exchange containing all company-hired or contracted employees regardless of eligibility for administering Leave Management (Family Medical Leave and Paid Family Leave) and Employee Assistance Programs.

LDEx Evidence of Insurability Status & Decision Standard

This new Evidence of Insurability Standard allows carriers to pass an employee's application status and the final underwriting decision to their benefits administrator.

Planned in 2022

  • LDEx BEM enhancement allowing enrollment in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), and group Medical products within the LDEx Benefits Enrollment Management Standard. 
  • New LDEx Benefits Configuration Management Standard allowing for the exchange of an insurance carrier's benefit plan design with a technology provider (e.g., quoting, products, benefits, rates) leading to case configuration simplification and acceleration.
  • Transactional RESTful API strategy to manage all existing and future LDEx Standards with an initial focus on enrollment and change management.

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