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Guides for Implementation

LIMRA maintains a library of documentation to provide additional insight and support for stakeholder implementations including version-specific companion guides, coding supplements, and a schema glossary.

LDEx Standards Community Forum

LDEx Standards Industry Glossary

Explore, Understand, and Analyze Standards Content, Requirements, and Constraints

The LDEx Standards Industry Glossary provides schema-based implementation details in a user-friendly, hyperlinked format for those implementing any LDEx Standard within their company’s ecosystem.

LDEx Standards Companion Guides

This material provides guidance to business and technical resources when implementing the LDEx Standards.

By downloading and implementing any LDEx Standard you are agreeing to the conditions set forth in the Grant of License for said standard. Please refer to the information in the LDEx Standards download package for details.

Please note this release is backward compatible with all of the previously published Benefits Enrollment Management Standards. Refer to the Industry Glossary's “What’s New” page for enhancement details.

Community Forum for Implementation Support

Got questions about the implementation of the LDEx Standards? We've created a new forum for technical support. ​

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