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Download LDEx Standards and Get Started

LIMRA is dedicated to helping the industry achieve simplification of the exchange of information between stakeholders. The LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) Standards® are free standards that were developed in collaboration with a committee of carriers and technology companies, by the industry, for the industry.

To access the LDEx Standards and corresponding files, you will need to register and create a account. If you already have an account, simply log in with the credentials provided to you to access any of the documents related to the LDEx standards. 

The LDEx standards are available in a downloadable package that contains the following main components:

  • Standard model and terminology — Common language and business relationships amongst data
  • Key business transactions and activities — Sample business transactions geared towards the insurance industry (i.e., user stories, sample XML, and test plans)
  • Implementation model — XML based structured file

Note: Create an account or log in to download the standards. 

Benefits Enrollment Management

This standard is used by a third party partner (e.g., benefit administrator) to send coverage elections, changes, terminations, enrollment forms, manage beneficiaries, as well as non-coverage demographic changes to an insurance carrier.

By downloading and implementing any LDEx Standards you are agreeing to the conditions set forth in the Grant of License for said standard. Please refer to information in the Standards Download zip file for details.

Please note this Release is backwards compatible to the previously published Benefits Enrollment Management Standard 1.0. Refer to the glossary “What’s New” for enhancement details.