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Initiate, Deepen, and Expand Online Relationships to Grow Business

  • TRANSFORM digital presence
  • GROW sales and recruiting pipelines
  • BROADEN networks on social media
  • CULTIVATE e-relationships
  • CONNECT with Gen Y sales talent

Gen Y Seminar Series: Networking 2.0

Rapid advances in social technology are transforming how we network and are also knocking down barriers to making connections. Sales managers and producers can use the latest social tools and techniques to find new contacts, nurture online relationships, and engage consumers and young sales talent. Over time, they can build social capital — their path to social selling and social recruitment to grow their business.

This LIMRA workshop will give your sales managers and producers the hands-on experiences and techniques they need to:

  • Expand their online contacts by moving from Networking 1.0 to Networking 2.0
  • Better position their personal and professional brand by transforming their digital presence
  • Cultivate critical and profitable business opportunities by enhancing their professional network on LinkedIn
  • Build relationships, influence prospects, and engage customers by mastering the nuances of Facebook

Sales managers and producers who attend this one-day seminar will return to work with an e-networking action plan they can immediately launch.

Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Thai.

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