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PDS is a 21st-century, country-specific producer development series designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for success at every step in a producer’s career development.

Whether you call them agents, sales representatives, or financial advisors, the truth is that in today’s (and tomorrow’s) increasingly competitive financial services environment, producers are under increasing pressure. Regardless of the stage of their development, they are expected to increase sales and close them faster amidst changing products, competitors, and market conditions.

In this environment, one of the keys to improved retention, productivity, and profitability is not only getting new producers off to a fast, productive start but also providing the knowledge and skills needed to support ongoing professional development. The Producer Development Series was designed to do this and more.

PDS is a skills-based, performance improvement program that provides experienced producers with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully move into financial planning. 

Producer Development Series

Producer Development Series (PDS) 301 - Financial Advisor Skills Training (5-Day)

This course teaches the fundamentals of advising clients in the world of total financial services. It dissects the entire financial planning process and provides skills in such key areas as finding and approaching prospects in the high net worth market and conducting an in-depth fact finding interview. Producers learn how to accurately match products with the needs of clients and motivate them to take action now. The course emphasizes good follow-up service, creating long-term trust in relationships, and doing business ethically and in compliance with any country’s government regulations.

Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. 

Producer Development Series (PDS) 302 - Improving Your Effectiveness as a Financial Advisor (3-Day)

This course goes beyond the fundamental nature of FAST, broadens the producer’s knowledge and skills in key areas, and has the producer look inwardly at him or herself to improve effectiveness. Students improve their ability to communicate, expand influence in the affluent markets, and learn how to manage stress. They develop skills in adding staff and delegating work to others as their business grows. They learn key practice management skills for success such as time management, keeping important client records, using new technology, and building a team of specialists. Preparing advisors for future advancement, this course covers the fundamentals of planning for business owners.

Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. 

Producer Development Series (PDS) 303 - Business Growth for the Financial Advisor (3-Day)

This course rounds out the 300 series by giving the producer advanced financial advisor skills in the business owner markets. Students are introduced to a special fact finding tool for use with business clients that will capture key information and provide for the best analysis of needs. Advisors will learn skills in developing solutions for business owners, presenting solutions and closing, and giving good follow-up service to solidify the relationship and lead to more business. The concept of the financial seminar is introduced and students will gain practice in actually conducting effective seminars. The course builds upon the course 302 skills of delegation and trains students to build a more effective staff. Preparing for the future, advisors are introduced to the subject of succession planning – both for themselves and the business owner client.

Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. 

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