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Motivate and Take Your Advisors to the Next Level

To properly recognize the producers who participate in the Producer Development Series (PDS) 300s or the Master Financial Advisor (MFA) Levels 1-3, LIMRA offers the Master Financial Advisor (MFA) designation.

Master Financial Advisor (MFA) designation

To earn credits producers must complete the following course in the MFA series:

  • MFA Level 1: Building a Strong Foundation (6 Modules)
  • MFA Level 2: Putting Clients First (4 Modules)
  • MFA Level 3: The Business Advisor (2 Modules)

The MFA Series is restructured in 12 half-day modules with both self-study and facilitator-led segments that can be delivered consecutively or spread out over a series of weeks.

Member Company representatives can contact to coordinate verification of participants' course completion to achieve their MFA Designation.