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Technology Research

Learn about the technologies of today and the future used by consumers, financial professionals, and companies. 

Latest Technology Research

Digital Landscape: Carrier Website Metrics

How do consumers behave when visiting life insurance websites? We tracked real life website visitors to find out.

Digital Landscape: Real Life Search Metrics

Where do people click to when they search for life insurance online? We tracked real life consumer internet activity to find out.

InsurTech Innovation Centers: Incubators, Accelerators, and Other Spaces for Innovation

This brief summarizes various types of innovation spaces used by and for the industry and provides descriptions of many such places.

Third Party Diligence and Monitoring Practices (2019 MarketScan)

This MarketScan examines third-party risk management activities in terms of scope, frequency, and type. Data is based on responses from 19 carriers.

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