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Insights on employers and employees

See hard numbers plus employers’ and employees’ perspectives for:

  • Life, disability, dental, supplemental health, and other health products
  • Retirement benefits
  • Non-insurance benefits

Latest Employer/Employee Research

Are Canadian Employers Focused on Employee Benefits? Survey of Canadian Employers, 2019

Learn about employers' attitudes towards offering employee benefits: what insurance and non insurance benefits Canadian employers currently offer and whether Canadain employers prefer to use a single carrier for all their benefit needs.

All About Gig Workers: Latin America

Learn the characteristics and sentiments of gig workers in Latin America.

The Benefits of Gig Work: How Do Employers Want to Administer Benefits for Nontraditional Workers?

Employers reveal their preferences for communicating, enrolling, and administering benefits for gig workers.

The Benefits of Gig Workers Series

Learn about employers' views of providing benefits to part-time, seasonal, and 1099 contract workers.