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Institutional Retirement Research

Information you need about today's institutional retirement market, including:

  • Industry and company benchmarks
  • Employee attitudes and behaviors

Latest Institutional Retirement Research

Harnessing Growth and Seizing Opportunity: 2023 Workforce Benefits Study

LIMRA and EY partnered to explore the future of workforce benefits, including the changing nature of work, the need for holistic wellness solutions, and the role of digital transformation.

SECURE 2.0: Industry Response

SECURE 2.0 is a collection of provisions designed to improve Americans’ access to and use of workplace retirement savings programs.

DC Advisor Views: Advisor Perspectives on Retirement Income

Explore DC advisor perspectives on retirement income investment options in DC investment lineups, and as individual income strategies.

Gender, Generation and Wellness

"Wellness” isn’t inherently gender-specific or unique to any one generation. However, on many dimensions, women and younger generations have an increased need for wellness programs and product offerings.

DC Advisor Views: Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs)

Two years in, DC advisors weigh in on the impact of PEPs on their businesses and practices.

Institutional Retirement Benchmark Studies

The 401(k) Scorecard

Jul 7, 2022

Keep score . . . on the most important quarterly and year-to-date 401(k) sales information.

Not-for-Profit Retirement Market

Aug 14, 2022

Take a closer look — participant, contribution, and asset benchmarks within not-for-profit retirement plans, with data categorized by product, plan type, and market segment.

The Canadian Pension Market

Jun 26, 2023

This quarterly survey benchmarks Canadian pension sales and member activity.

Group Annuity Risk Transfer

Aug 16, 2023

Understand the trends from the quarterly sales, asset, and contract data in the group annuity risk transfer market.

Guaranteed Income Investment Options in DC Plans

Sep 22, 2021

Stop, look, and learn — information on the market growth of guaranteed income investment options in defined contribution (DC) plans.

Stable Value and Funding Agreement Products Sales and Assets

Oct 25, 2022

See what the survey says . . . about bank and insurance company sales and asset data by major product line in a study jointly sponsored by the Secure Retirement Institute and the Stable Value Investment Association.

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Choosing a Financial Professional: What Attributes Are Important to Consumers?

Many things influence consumers when choosing a financial advisor. See how gender, age and various attributes play into their choice.

Playing for Keeps: Strengthening Retention Through Professional Development

Feeling “cared for” by their employer is important to employees’ general health, happiness and engagement. How does your organization need to change to make that happen?

How Generational Preferences Are Redefining Workplace Benefits

Workers are rethinking what benefits are most important to them. What must employers consider to meet employees’ changing needs?

The View From the Road: Insights Into Asia

Discover some of the consistent themes in work culture, distribution and digital engagement found in Asian markets.

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