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  • Critical illness
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental

Featured Research

Latest Workplace Products Research

MarketScan: Self-Serve Online Portal Use for Group Workplace Products

Learn about the availability, adoption, and use of self-serve online portals by employers, brokers, and members for group workplace products.

The Market Potential for Workforce Benefits

This research brief explores employer interest in expanding their benefit offerings over the next two years. How likely are they to introduce new insurance and non-insurance options, and which plan types are generating the most interest?

Out at Work: LGBTQ Attitudes About Work and Employers

Learn how the LGBTQ community feels about work and employers.

Quarterly Workplace Benefits Webinar

Workplace Benefits Benchmark Studies

U.S. Workplace Benefits Yearbook

Jul 27, 2022

Read the most comprehensive overview of the U.S. workplace benefits market, including sales and in-force results and historical trends

U.S. Workplace Benefits Life Insurance Sales and In Force

Oct 18, 2022

Breaking news — see the latest market results for life insurance products sold at the workplace.

Canadian Group Life and Health Insurance Sales

Nov 28, 2022

Don't miss the latest sales trends in the Canadian group insurance market for life, long-term disability, and other types of health insurance.

U.S. Workplace Dental and Vision Sales and In Force

Sep 21, 2022

Schedule your check-up on the latest market results for dental and vision products sold in the workplace.

U.S. Workplace Benefits Disability Insurance Sales and In Force

Oct 21, 2022

Step right up for the latest sales trends in the U.S. workplace-benefits market for disability insurance.

U.S. Worksite/Voluntary Sales and In Force

Oct 5, 2022

Results are in! View the latest market stats on 100 percent-employee-paid products sold at the workplace.

U.S. Workplace Supplemental Health Insurance

Sep 20, 2022

Get a quick look at how the workplace supplemental health market is performing. Identify trends within the industry as well as among your peers.