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Reward and Recognize Your Top Sales Managers

Reward and recognize your top sales managers who lead and retain a productive sales team and write quality business with the gold standard and only internationally-recognized award for sales managers, LIMRA's International Quality Management Award (IQMA). 

The IQMA is an annual award designed to recognize sales managers who make an invaluable contribution to their organization’s success. This award provides companies with a way to reward these managers for their successful practice and leadership skills.

The award is available for all field managers (at the unit manager level or equivalent and above) who:

  • Have been a sales leader for a minimum of two years
  • Lead 10+ IQA qualifying agents on their team
  • Want to earn the prestigious IQMA recognition as a mark of their professionalism, competence, and leadership in today’s insurance marketplace

Three Levels

  • Silver: Lead 10-14 IQA qualifying agents on their team
  • Gold: Lead 15-19 IQA qualifying agents on their team
  • Platinum: Lead 20 or more IQA qualifying agents on their team

Awardees receive the following to display their credentials:

  • Certificate, Plaques, Medallions, and/or Seals
  • Digital badge to display on business cards, social media, and more

Learn more about our Digital Badges!