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How are the great resignation, the great reshuffle, return to office, and hybrid work impacting the industry?

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Reimagining Culture for Today's Workplace

Organizations need to radically rethink culture to retain talent and thrive in today’s work environment. View the webinar here.

Employee Expectations for the Future Workplace

What do employees value most about working in the insurance industry? The ongoing changes in financial services have solidified the importance of flexibility and good relationships at work. View the webinar here.

Engaging Employees in the New World of Work

What are forward-thinking human resource professionals doing to engage employees in this new hybrid work environment? View the webinar or read the brief.

Thriving as a Woman in Financial Services

Given the current environment of talent shortages and an ever-changing workplace, companies can attract, develop, and retain the best female employees in a variety of ways. View the webinar or read the brief.

Expanding Insurance Ownership Through Workforce Diversity

How can the insurance industry grow by attracting more people of color and elevating those already employed? Understand the motivations for buying, financial priorities, and opportunities to engage by viewing the webinar or reading the brief.

The Evolution of Work and Working: The Future of Talent in Financial Services

This paper offers insights specifically on this critical topic of securing talent. Intended for financial services industry leaders, hiring managers, and other key stakeholders, it focuses on three key areas: the changing talent market, ways to attract potential workers, and strategies to retain and develop their current workforce. Read it here.

Talent Insights

Remote Work Changes the Game for Workforce Benefits

Many changes will shape the workplace benefits market over the next five years according to a LIMRA and EY study. View the infographic here.

Wellness Benefits Expected to be of Growing Interest to Employees

LIMRA and EY partnered to explore how key stakeholders (employers, employees, benefit brokers, and benefit technology providers) are responding to the transformational changes impacting the workplace benefits marketplace. View the quick insight report here.

Upcoming Webinars

A Conversation About New Cultural Norms

6/23/2022 1:00 PM EDT - 2:00 EDT

Learn how three leading companies in the industry have acted on hybrid work insights and the accompanying implications.


Bridging the Executive/Employee Hybrid Work Gap

6/29/2022 1:00 PM EDT - 2:00 EDT

This webinar explores the very real chasm that exists and strategies and approaches you can put in place immediately, to help keep executives aligned, on message, and solving for the future talent, market competitiveness, and future growth of their organizations.