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Developing the Industry's Best

Today more than ever, companies that cultivate a culture of development and value leadership education will thrive. In this time of incredible change and disruption — the best leaders know they cannot rely on how they have done things in the past. We have designed our curriculum to help the industry achieve fresh perspectives, approaches, and strategies. Participants apply all they’ve learned to their current reality, shape their future career path — and build genuine, lifelong relationships that extend well beyond the classroom.

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"Trade four days for a lifetime of applicable learnings."
- Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company Vice President, Operations

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Earn the LLIF Designation

The designation is a concentrated focus of study leading to an internationally recognized credential of executive development.


Earn cross-credits towards the LLIF designation.

Capstone Program at The Wharton School

Complete the LLIF designation under the guidance and expertise of world class faculty at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Company-Specific Programs

Tailored programs to align with your company’s unique challenges, needs and objectives.

Strategic Coaching

Our Strategic Coaching services can provide consultation, strategic direction and plan for your organization and individuals.

Executive Assessment Profile

Assess leadership competencies and development opportunities.

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