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Build a Better Candidate Experience

The RightChoice System® allows you to create a tailored candidate journey that best fits your sales culture and hiring objectives. It marries proven predictability with unparalleled flexibility. Unlike other assessment solutions, we intimately understand the hiring and onboarding challenges unique to our industry. We’ve applied that understanding, creating a solution that will inform and delight each one of your users – from your candidates to your recruiters. You’ll love it and your hiring managers will too.

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About RightChoice System:

Why is this important?

This system features:

  • Positive and productive experience for candidates and hiring managers
  • Visually compelling for a more engaging experience and easier comprehension
  • Streamlined, actionable feedback reports for hiring managers with supporting resources that provide the whys and hows of using the tool
  • Personalized candidate reports that encourage them to learn more about the career
  • Validated results grounded in the science and research you’ve come to expect from LIMRA products

The RightChoice System currently has seven components you can use to design an assessment journey to find the best candidates:

RightChoice Icons_SuccessPredictor_100x100.png  

SuccessPredictor — Increase retention, boost productivity, and improve the overall quality of agents

RightChoice Icons_SalesPersona_a_100x100.png


SalesPersona — Reveal candidates’ sales personality makeup and unique motivators

RightChoice Icons_CareerView_100x100.png


CareerView — Uncover candidates’ work style preferences, motivators, concerns, and expectations in order for hiring managers to provide a realistic preview of the career and to evaluate appropriate fit

RightChoice Icons_PerformanceSkillsIndex_100x100.png


Performance Skills Index — Identify people with cognitive skills needed to pass licensing exams

RightChoice Icons_LeaderPersona_100x100.png


LeaderPersona — Evaluate a candidate's likely effectiveness in functions such as recruiting, selecting, training, coaching, and managing producers and staff

RightChoice Icons_CollaboRate_100x100.png


CollaboRate — Identify candidates' preference for collaborative work

RightChoice Icons_LearningStyles_100x100.png


LearningStyles — Understand and leverage each candidate's primary learning style

Feedback on RightChoice System

"This aligns exactly with our focus on improving the candidate experience!"

"Our field managers are going to love the simplicity of the reports!"

"These improvements are outstanding! You have really made some massive improvements to the look and feel of the assessments and the reports and at the same time – maintained the predictability that we expect from LIMRA."

"Very, very good move. Very relatable. Very, very well done. Much more user-friendly."

"I’m quiet because I’m sitting here holding myself back. This is fantastic."

Videos & Webinars

Learn more about the different aspects of the RightChoice System


RightChoice System: Recruiters Perspective

Learn how the RightChoice System helps to recruit the best sales candidates.


RightChoice System: Hiring Manager Experience

With RightChoice System, Hiring managers now have access to simple-to-interpret reporting that allows them to make informed decisions.


RightChoice System: Candidate Experience

Hiring assessments can be intimidating, but they are one of the first encounters your candidates have with your organization. Shouldn't your candidate experience be a good one?


RightChoice System Webinar July 2021

See the RightChoice System up-close in this on-demand webinar from LIMRA.

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