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What do employers want from their voluntary benefits carriers?


Employers have many factors to consider when choosing a voluntary benefits carrier, and their expectations of their carriers are high. What are employers’ most important considerations when selecting a carrier for their voluntary benefits? Which factors contribute most to their ongoing satisfaction with their benefits providers? To answer these questions, LIMRA surveyed 1,430 U.S. employers about what matters most to them in a voluntary benefits carrier across a variety of areas such as implementation, claims, service, and technology capabilities.

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Reports in the Series

How Can We Help You? Using Employer Perceptions to Define Digital Tool Opportunity and Strategy in Voluntary Benefits

Mar 22, 2021

Get information on employer perceptions that can help drive strategy in digital tool development: availability of digital tools, usefulness of a specific tool in addressing a significant problem, and tool quality.

How Can We Help You? Key Employer Considerations in Selecting Voluntary Benefit Carriers

Oct 28, 2020

How do employers evaluate voluntary benefits carriers? Which general and specific considerations do they consider most important?

How Can We Help You? Employers' Service Expectations for Voluntary Benefits

Sep 1, 2020

What matters most to employers when it comes to voluntary benefit implementation, service, and claims?

How Can We Help You? Employers Share Their Experiences and Expectations for Voluntary Benefits

May 19, 2020

What do employers consider most important when selecting voluntary benefit carriers? Learn about their expectations for implementation, claims, service, and technology.

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