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MF August 2022 Review

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The Great Digital Reset

What do CX, AI, and legacy systems have in common? Consider these essential strategies for navigating your company’s digital transformation.

President's Page - Life by the Numbers: Reaching Out to the Underserved

How can the industry find efficient ways to reach underserved populations with life insurance? Dave Levenson, President and CEO of LIMRA and LOMA, shares insights.

The Human-Tech Connection

Current LIMRA research indicates that reaching today’s financial services consumer means maintaining a balance between advisor interaction and technological innovation.

Workplace Benefits: Weapons in the War for Talent

Competing in the war for talent is tough. Explore the impact of your benefits package on employee hiring, retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Aligning With the New Dynamic of Workforce Benefits

To compete effectively in the new work world, organizations must align their value propositions to the new dynamic in marketing and distribution of workforce benefits.


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