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Individual Insurance Products Research

View ownership and sales trends for individual insurance products, including life insurance, DI, critical illness, and LTC.

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Latest Individual Insurance Research

2023 Canadian Life Insurance Barometer

The Canadian Insurance Barometer is a study that tracks the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers in Canada, with a particular focus on life insurance.

2024 Financial Crimes Services and Fraud Prevention Benchmarking Study

This study provides the life insurance and retirement industries with a collective look at the most current data and information related to their financial crimes services and fraud prevention services.

U.S. Consumer Sentiment (April 2024)

While consumer sentiment about the economy remains stable, confidence in the insurance industry encountered setbacks.

2024 Insurance Barometer Study

The Insurance Barometer is an annual study that tracks the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of adult consumers in the United States, with a particular focus on life insurance.

Individual Life Insurance Benchmark Studies

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Forecast: A Return to the New Normal (2023-2025)

Nov 20, 2023

What are the expectations for life sales over the next few years?

U.S. Monthly Individual Life Sales

Mar 28, 2024

Get the latest monthly individual life sales and application trends.

Individual Life Combination Products

Oct 23, 2023

A detailed look at the state of the combination product market.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Sales

Jun 10, 2024

Size it up — quarterly U.S. individual life insurance sales results reflecting 85 percent of the premium market, as well as annual industry estimates and the comprehensive U.S. Individual Life Insurance Yearbook. Updated U.S. Individual Life Insurance Sales, Industry Estimates (1975 - 2023).

Bank Life Insurance Sales

Dec 20, 2023

LIMRA's bank life insurance sales quarterly benchmark.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance: COVID-19 Mortality Experience Study

Oct 26, 2023

Explore the impact of COVID-19 on individual life insurance claims experience.

U.S. Individual Life — Quarterly COVID-19 Reported Claims Updates

Dec 19, 2022

These quarterly reports provide an update of COVID-19 and pandemic related reported claims. Data from 32 companies representing approximately 72 percent of the industry face amount in-force are included in this analysis. LIMRA, RGA, TAI, and the SOA jointly collected the data supporting the results of this report.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Yearbook

Jul 25, 2023

Read the most comprehensive overview of the U.S. individual life insurance market. This includes how consumers feel about the amount of coverage they have and their reasons for owning or not owning.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Persistency

Jun 10, 2019

Must all good things come to an end? See what's happening with U.S. individual life insurance product persistency at the industry level for benchmarking, product development, and planning - including guaranteed issue and simplified issue.

Canadian Individual Life Insurance Sales

Mar 19, 2024

Sales buzz! Get the latest on quarterly individual life insurance sales for Canada.

Individual Health Insurance Benchmark Studies

U.S. Individual Disability Income Insurance Sales

Mar 12, 2024

Get a quick look at the most recent individual DI sales and trends in this quarterly benchmark study.

U.S. Individual Long-Term Care Insurance Sales and In-Force

Jun 4, 2024

Find it here — midyear and year-end sales and in-force benchmarks for individual long-term care insurance in the U.S. market. (Updated June 4, 2024)

U.S. Long-Term Care Insurance Persistency

Feb 12, 2021

Long-lasting benefit? Find out about U.S. industry long-term care insurance product-persistency experience benchmarking, product development, and planning.

Canadian Individual Critical Illness Insurance Sales

Jun 13, 2024

Hit your target? Benchmark individual critical illness new sales, in-force business, and growth rates for 16 Canadian companies.

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