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Invest in Your Team’s Success

Support your team's professional growth by providing them with the opportunity to earn prestigious designations – MFA and TS MFA. By obtaining these credentials, your advisors will gain professional credibility, enrich their knowledge and skills, and be equipped to navigate complex sales with confidence. These investments demonstrate your commitment to excellence in the insurance industry and empowers your team to thrive.

Master Financial Advisor (MFA) designation


To earn credits producers must complete the following course in the MFA series:

  • MFA Level 1: Building a Strong Foundation (6 Modules)
  • MFA Level 2: Putting Clients First (4 Modules)
  • MFA Level 3: The Business Advisor (2 Modules)

The MFA Series is restructured in 12 half-day modules with both self-study and facilitator-led segments that can be delivered consecutively or spread out over a series of weeks.

Member Company representatives can contact to coordinate verification of participants' course completion to achieve their MFA Designation.

Trustworthy MFA designation


To attain this distinguished designation, producers are required to successfully complete both the Master Financial Advisor (MFA) series (Levels 1 – 3) and the Trustworthy Selling program.

Showcase Your Achievements

MFA designees will receive a diploma and digital badge to showcase and promote their achievement.

Digital badges are digital representations of your professional designation or credential that can be easily shared in a way that is trusted and verifiable. You can use your digital badges on social media, in your email signature, on business cards and stationery, and on your resume or CV.

All badges can be verified at our verification sites, ensuring that you receive credit for your accomplishments.

Learn more about all of our international digital badges

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