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The New MFA Series is flexible and streamlined, designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for greater success at every step in a producer’s career.

The New Master Financial Advisor (MFA) Series is an update to the PDS 300 series, which refreshes the materials, modularizes the courses and condenses the content while still providing holistic, financial planning foundational knowledge and skills required to succeed at total needs-based selling in the high-net-worth market.

MFA Level 1: Building a Strong Foundation

  • Introduction to Financial Planning
  • Client Building
  • Identifying the Need
  • Quantifying the Need
  • Analyzing Data and Preparation of Advice — The Solution Design Stage
  • Recommendations, Meetings, Presentation and Proposals

MFA Level 2: Putting Clients First

  • Post Sale Follow-Up Service
  • The Importance of Client Record Keeping
  • Performance Improvement – Managing Activity
  • Planning, Problem Solving, and Delegation

MFA Level 3: The Business Advisor

  • Financial Planning for Business
  • Approaching Business Prospects

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