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Resources for Managers

The RightChoice System Resource Library is your repository of valuable information to help you make the most out of the RightChoice System. The videos and documents here provide guidance, explanations, best practices, tips, and more! Use this library to help ensure you are making the right choice with every candidate

How to Use These Resources

As a user of the RightChoice System, you have access to this library. Feel free to bookmark this link and visit this library anytime.

The following resources will help better understand your candidates and the RightChoice System:


  • Explainer Videos – describe how the different assessment components or parts of the system works
  • Recruiting & Selection Best Practices – share research-based best practices on maximizing your recruiting and selection efforts
  • Power User Videos – provide pro-tips on getting the most out of RightChoice System
  • Interview Guides – offer sample interview questions related to specific assessment components and outcomes
  • Coaching and Training Guides – present coaching and training best practices related to specific assessment outcomes
  • Recruiting & Selection Insights – empower you with LIMRA research to make wise hiring decisions
  • FAQ's – answer questions you have about the RightChoice System and its components


What are we missing? What else would you find helpful in our RightChoice System Library? Let us know by submitting your ideas to our RightChoice System Suggestion Box!

Recruiting & Selection Best Practices

Power User Videos


Power User Tip Combining Reports

Want to be a RightChoice System Power User? Learn how to combine reports like a pro.


Power User Tip Saving Documentation

Save documentation like a pro with this power user tip.


Power User Tip Whitelisting

Unfamiliar with whitelisting? Not anymore!

Frequently Asked Questions