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In its second year, the Help Protect Our Families campaign aims to improve Americans’ future financial security by reducing the life insurance coverage gap in the United States.

This year, in partnership with seven other trade associations and 76 life insurance carriers and distributors, the campaign will focus on an underserved market each month.

September: Engaging Consumers During Life Insurance Awareness Month

Consumer Misconceptions

View an infographic highlighting the top consumer misconceptions in 2022.

10 Facts That Might Surprise You

View this infographic highlighting 10 facts about consumers’ perceptions about life insurance.

The Game of Life

View this infographic that shows how life insurance plays a role throughout one’s life.  

Do You Understand the Market Segments & Life Insurance?

Engaging the various markets requires understanding their perceptions about life insurance. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the different market segments.


2022 Help Protect Our Families Campaign launches!

Dave Levenson shares details on the campaign’s focus in its second year. View/share the video.

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