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In its second year, the Help Protect Our Families campaign aims to improve Americans’ future financial security by reducing the life insurance coverage gap in the United States.

This year, in partnership with seven other trade associations and 76 life insurance carriers and distributors, the campaign will focus on an underserved market each month.

February: A Focus on Black Americans

Black Americans: Fueling the Expansion of U.S. Life Insurance Ownership

View a research briefing sharing detailed information about the size and scope of the Black American market opportunity for our industry.

Understanding the Black American Market

View this fact sheet highlighting Black Americans’ attitudes and behaviors about life insurance.

Black Americans’ Views on Life Insurance

View this infographic sharing key facts about Black Americans and life insurance.

Where Do Black Americans Turn for Information and to Purchase Life Insurance Coverage?

View this infographic about how and where Black Americans seek information about life insurance.

Kitchen Table Conversation: Closing the Gap on Wealth Disparities

ACLI CEO Susan Neely speaks to a panel of experts about wealth disparities in the U.S. and how our industry can help address them. Watch the video.


A video highlighting the life insurance industry’s focus on securing the future of all Americans. Watch it here.

Kitchen Table Conversation: Putting Financial Education into Action

ACLI CEO Susan Neely speaks to Ted Daniels, founder and CEO of the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, and his team about the importance of financial literacy. Watch the video.

Life Happens’ Real Life Stories: It’s a True Financial Lifeline

A story about a Black American police officer’s family following their devastating loss and the lifeline his life insurance provided. Watch the video.

Dream On

A video showing how life insurance can provide for loved ones and empower their dreams. Watch it here.


2022 Help Protect Our Families Campaign launches!

Dave Levenson shares details on the campaign’s focus in its second year. View/share the video.

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