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Is MAPS Right for Your Team?

MAPS is an ideal and unique seminar to help your senior sales leaders optimize growth and profitability, manage costs effectively, implement best practices, balance resources, and win in the marketplace.

LIMRA Talent Solutions International’s Managing Agency Profitability Seminar (MAPS) focuses on helping agency managers develop the skills they need to drive profitability and growth in today’s hyper-competitive markets, including:

  • Understanding the link between daily decision making and overall agency profitability 
  • Adopting an entrepreneurial approach
  • Making effective and efficient use of agency resources to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Identifying and influencing the key performance drivers (KPDs) impacting and affecting agency profitability
  • Creating forward-looking strategies for long-term (three- to five-year) growth and financial profitability, and implementing best-business practices for optimal outcomes


Content and Delivery

  • By driving The Profit Engine simulation, managers experience the levers and gears of running a profitable, growing, and sustainable sales organization
  • Emergent problem-solving exercises; collaborative analysis and planning 
  • Make-or-break decision making that tests profitability outcomes; simulated environment for seeing real-world results, good and bad
  • Accelerated three-year (12 consecutive quarters) learning experience delivered in 4.5 days
  • Customizable to your specific situation
  • Incorporates LIMRA’s global research and market-specific expertise
  • Standalone program OR capstone for Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM) designation


CIAM Designation

Participants who complete Pacesetter, Agency Management Training Course (AMTC)Agency Enhancement Series (AES), and Managing Agency Profitability (MAPS) will be awarded LIMRA’s globally recognized CIAM designation.


Currently available in English, Spanish, Khmer, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.



Connecting Everyday Decisions to Bottom-Line Results


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