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Thank You

Thank you for participating in LIMRA’s Annual Conference. Our conference theme, Taking Charge of Change, was front and center and inspired us to learn how to manage the change we are experiencing on so many levels.

We hope you found the sessions both informative and engaging. We’ve put together valuable resources to help further your experience and advance your knowledge.

Looking Back...and Looking Forward

Looking Back


This has been an extraordinary year. Every country, every company, and every individual has been touched by the global pandemic in some way.

At LL Global (LIMRA/LOMA/SRI), we moved fast to support our members where they needed the most help. Here is the video that debuted at our 2020 LIMRA Annual Conference highlighting some of our work.

Looking Forward


LIMRA CEO David Levenson opened the 2020 LIMRA Annual Conference describing the incredible upheaval the nation has faced over the past several months. From the coronavirus pandemic and its economic and social fallout to the racial tensions and divisive politics, Dave described a year of unprecedented challenges. Despite this chaos, he suggested this moment offers the life insurance industry a unique opportunity to reach a broader segment of consumers and fulfill its mission to help more Americans protect their families’ future with life insurance.

LIMRA Solutions

LOMA Professional Development

FLMI Designation Program

The Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) program is a 10-course professional development program that provides an industry-specific business education.

Join the elite group of professionals who have accelerated their success with the world’s largest university-level education program in insurance and financial services!

FSRI Designation Program

The Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute (FSRI) designation teaches the challenges facing society and the retirement industry, as well as strategic approaches for overcoming these challenges.

With the FSRI, you're more thoroughly equipped for successful  problem solving, innovation, and career advancement.

Learning Live Series

The world is changing quickly. Now more than ever, insurance professionals need to learn valuable information quickly in an environment where they can ask questions and share ideas with experts and peers.

Each live, interactive, two-hour Learning Live session addresses an industry-specific topic in our online virtual classroom. Facilitators and industry experts share high-quality educational content, lead discussions, and facilitate group activities to encourage strategic thinking and problem solving.

Insurance Immersion

Entering the world of life insurance and annuities can be a daunting experience. The vast array of complex products, functions, and terminology can be difficult to understand — let alone master. Industry professionals need a broad understanding of life insurance and annuities and a proven way to quickly assimilate industry knowledge.


LIMRA MarketFacts Number 4, 2020

MarketFacts Number 4-2020 explores Industry Resilience and response to the current environment, as well as current trends in insurance, workplace benefits, and retirement.

Superior Service

Resource Magazine: September/October Issue

  • How insurers can minimize disruptions and prioritize customers in today’s difficult environment
  • How insurers are adjusting their digital strategies to meet the changing needs of their customers
  • A look at COVID-19’s impact on underwriting.

SRI Review Number 2, 2020

SRI Review Number 2-2020 explores topics relevant to the retirement industry in the current environment, including emergency savings accounts, tax flexibility, consumer trends, advisor and sponsor attitudes and actions, the SECURE Act, diversity, and fraud.

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