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Retail Distribution Research

Find opportunities for retail sales and performance growth by

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Latest Retail Distribution Research

See the Workplace Benefits page for workplace distribution research.

DC Advisors Address Evolving 401(k) Engagement Models

Three-quarters of DC advisors have been forced to reconsider how they engage with their clients in the face of new restrictions on their business.

Retail Distribution Benchmark Studies

U.S. Workplace Benefits Life Insurance Sales and In Force

Dec 30, 2020

Breaking news — see the latest market results for life insurance products sold at the workplace.

U.S. Worksite/Voluntary Sales and In Force

Dec 23, 2020

Results are in! View the latest market stats on 100 percent-employee-paid products sold at the workplace.

Canadian Individual Life Insurance Sales

Dec 11, 2020

Sales buzz! Get the latest on quarterly individual life insurance sales for Canada.

MLEA Compensation, Production, and Retention

Dec 10, 2020

Up or down? View the annual trends on retention, production performance, and earnings of multiple-line exclusive (MLEA) agents.

Canadian Individual Critical Illness Insurance Sales

Dec 4, 2020

Hit your target? Benchmark individual critical illness new sales, in-force business, and growth rates for 16 Canadian companies.

Bank Life Insurance Sales

Nov 30, 2020

LIMRA's bank life insurance sales quarterly benchmark.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Sales

Nov 23, 2020

Size it up — quarterly U.S. individual life insurance sales results reported by 80 percent of the industry, as well as annual industry estimates and the comprehensive U.S. Individual Life Insurance Yearbook.

The 401(k) Scorecard

Nov 23, 2020

Keep score . . . on the most important quarterly and year-to-date 401(k) sales information.

Not-for-Profit Retirement Market

Nov 18, 2020

Take a closer look — participant, contribution, and asset benchmarks within not-for-profit retirement plans, with data categorized by product, plan type, and market segment.

Canadian Group Life and Health Insurance Sales

Nov 18, 2020

Don't miss the latest sales trends in the Canadian group insurance market for life, long-term disability, and other types of health insurance.

Agent Production and Retention

Nov 5, 2020

Trending now! Follow the annual stats on retention, production performance, and earnings of full-time agents.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Forecast

Oct 23, 2020

LIMRA’s forecast of individual life insurance sales in the United States by product line over the next three years.

GDC-Based Compensation Practices

Oct 6, 2020

Take a look at how companies are incorporating GDC-based compensation into their financial professionals' compensation plans — for both insurance and investment products.

Registered Investment Advisor Quarterly Sentiment Study

Sep 22, 2020

This study looks at the key themes relevant to registered investment advisors in the prior quarter.

Stable Value and Funding Agreement Products Sales and Assets

Sep 17, 2020

See what the survey says . . . about bank and insurance company sales and asset data by major product line in a study jointly sponsored by the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute and the Stable Value Investment Association.

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