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Retail Distribution Research

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Latest Retail Distribution Research

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2023 Insurance Barometer Study

The Insurance Barometer is an annual study that tracks the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of adult consumers in the United States, with a particular focus on life insurance.

Cross-Selling Life: The Consumer Perspective

Would a better understanding of consumer attitudes, preferences, and experiences related to purchasing auto, homeowners, and life insurance from a single company help multi-line companies with their cross-selling efforts?

Financial Professionals and the Individual Life Insurance Purchase

Learn how the use of a financial professional can increase consumers’ likelihood to purchase life insurance.

Taking the Pulse of Consumers in Singapore: Global Consumer Pulse 2022

The biannual Global Consumer Pulse series provides a side-by-side comparison of life insurance-related metrics and sentiments from 12 key market consumers around the globe. This report centers on Singapore.

Retail Distribution Benchmark Studies

Affiliated FP (Agent) Recruiting

Apr 20, 2023

U.S. and Canadian agency-building companies and multiple-line exclusive agents (MLEAs) all struggled with recruiting new agents in 2022.

FP (Agent) Production and Retention

Dec 8, 2022

Trending now! Follow the annual stats on retention, production performance, and earnings of full-time Financial Professionals (FPs/agents).

Canadian Sales Force and Retention

Jun 9, 2023

Calendar-year retention of the Canadian career agent sales force.

MLEA Compensation, Production, and Retention

Sep 16, 2022

Up or down? View the annual trends on retention, production performance, and earnings of multiple-line exclusive (MLEA) agents.

U.S. Wholesaler Company Practices and Compensation

Mar 4, 2020

LIMRA’s annual Wholesaler Company Practices and Compensation Study provides an opportunity for companies to understand how wholesaling organizations that support both insurance and investment products are compensated.

GDC-Based Compensation Practices

Dec 5, 2022

Take a look at how companies are incorporating GDC-based compensation into their financial professionals' compensation plans — for both insurance and investment products.

Compensation Resource Center

Explore LIMRA’s United States and Canadian sales compensation research, events, and news.

Bank Life Insurance Sales

Dec 15, 2022

LIMRA's bank life insurance sales quarterly benchmark. Updated 03/14/2022.

Registered Investment Advisor Quarterly Sentiment Study

Sep 22, 2020

This study looks at the key themes relevant to registered investment advisors in the prior quarter.

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