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December 2022

Sales Corrections Ahead

This forecast anticipates winds of change over the next 12 months that will affect the outlook of life sales.

Shifts in the Canadian Life Market

Canadian life insurance carriers have found a path to success in their ability to adapt post-pandemic.

A Clearer Vision of Financial Professionals

Having a better understanding of the practices of financial professionals will help manufacturers, distributors, and the FPs themselves work together more efficiently.

Workplace Wellness: Needs and Solutions

Wellness-related benefits and programs can encompass offerings that help address employee financial, physical, or emotional needs.

MarketFacts Best of 2022

Our top articles from 2022 reflect the industry’s preoccupation with technology, workplace benefits, the underinsured, annuities, talent, and rising interest rates, among other topics.

Advertorial: Data for Good

Successful companies discover unique ways to deploy big data for the good of consumers, and they put consumers’ best interests at the center of their data strategy.

November 2022

Digital Innovation and the Future of Financial Professionals

Learn how wealth advice professionals can serve clients better by incorporating new wealth-tech solutions for an integrated view of investments and insurance products.

The Why and How of Deferred Annuity Buyers

Carriers and distributors that understand the characteristics and mindsets of today’s deferred annuity buyers can leverage this information to improve their products and services.

Targeting Benefits Communication to Employee Preferences

Employees often struggle to make sense of all their options during the brief open enrollment window. How can employers communicate clearly and effectively in this digital, self-service environment?

Social Media and the Life Insurance Shopper

Consumers use the internet to shop, assess quotes, and purchase life insurance. A relevant social media presence can close the gap with procrastinating or confused consumers.

Realizing the Market Potential of Workforce Benefits

While employer focus has expanded to include non-insurance benefits, insurance benefits remain central to their overall employee benefit strategies.

Tech and Talent in Financial Services

In a tech-enabled industry like financial services, having the best talent will ensure a long-term competitive advantage. What do candidates want, and what strategies can companies use to attract and retain talent?

October 2022

Insights and thought leadership on the latest trends in financial wellness, global consumers, PEPs, retirement planning, and more.

Oct 2022

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Rising Interest Rates: Consumer Woes and Investor Wins

While rising interest rates mean higher rates on credit cards, mortgages, and loans, they also translate to attractive yields and guarantees for investment products. How will this dynamic affect the annuity industry?

Safeguarding Health and Wealth in Uncertain Times

Right now, life insurers have an opportunity to change just as consumer priorities are evolving. How can companies commit to safeguarding health and wealth?

Post-Pandemic Consumer Behavior = Opportunity for Global Life Insurers

Similarities and differences in post-pandemic consumer behavior in 12 global markets indicate untapped opportunities for the insurance industry.

Building a Secure Retirement

Retirement planning is not easy. How are consumers planning, what differs by wealth segment, and what are the objective and subjective benefits of professional advice?

Financial Well-Being for Middle Income Americans

Identifying and quantifying specific consumer stressors — in terms of financial, emotional, and physical wellness — informs life insurance marketing efforts and financial advisor successes with middle-income consumers and their families.

PEPs: Gaining Traction With Small Employers

PEPS appear to be gaining traction among small employers, offering both opportunities and threats to the traditional DC plan construct.

One Policy Administration System Addressing Group + Voluntary + Absence Management

FINEOS outlines how modern core administration systems enable integrated claims and leave management, complex billing, and revenue management capabilities — and enhance the experience for employers and employees.

September 2022

Insightful thought leadership on the effect of rising interest rates, the Japanese insurance market, U.S. life sales, 2nd quarter annuity sales, how to combat ATO fraud, and more.

Sept 2022

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Rising Interest Rates: Consumer Woes and Investor Wins

While rising interest rates mean higher rates on credit cards, mortgages, and loans, they also translate to attractive yields and guarantees for investment products. How will this dynamic affect the annuity industry?

Industry Collaboration Combats ATO Fraudsters

Fraudsters don’t just attack a single company; they attack the whole industry. Discover how companies are collaborating to combat ATO fraud — and how you can help.

Annuities: Comfort Food for Uncertain Investors

The current economic volatility has resulted in a blockbuster year so far for annuities. Which product types are driving sales, and why are consumers turning to annuities?

Then and Now in the Japanese Life Market

Over the next 10 years, there will be increased competition in the Japanese life insurance market. What does history tell us, and what strategies can your company use to compete?

A New Way of Life: Solving the Insurance Gap Conundrum

Life insurance is the core of our industry. To close the existing insurance gap, companies will need to reach consumers with innovative approaches to education, technology, and products.

Authenticity and Openness are Critical to Connecting with Clients

In the face of unpredictable change, people try to make meaningful connections. Authenticity and openness top the list of characteristics they look for — even in their relationships with financial professionals.

Developing the Next Generation of Industry Leaders

Providing potential leaders with issues-based, executive-focused education will ensure the future of the industry. LIMRA and Wharton partner to offer a development program that provides holistic, strategic perspectives for executives.

August 2022

Thought leadership and insights on tech trends, ESG funds, building culture, and more.

August 2022

The Great Digital Reset

What do CX, AI, and legacy systems have in common? Consider these essential strategies for navigating your company’s digital transformation.

The Human-Tech Connection

Current LIMRA research indicates that reaching today’s financial services consumer means maintaining a balance between advisor interaction and technological innovation.

The Digital Broker

Can carriers achieve a five-star broker rating? Explore the changing role of service delivery and technology in today’s broker practice, and brokers’ views of carrier efforts.

The South Asia Market

Opportunities abound for insurers and banks in the South Asia region. Which factors will influence companies looking to tap into these markets?

Seeing the Big Picture: DC Advisor Thoughts on ESGs

Do ESGs have a place in DC investing? Learn how ESGs fit into advisor practices, value propositions, and philosophies for clients and plans.

Imagining the Future of Insurance Technology

Envision the tech and trends that will shape the future of insurance, and explore three strides you can take toward that future.

Building a Culture Employees Will Value

Don’t underestimate the value of company culture in today’s quest for talent. Explore recent research into the factors that affect employee perception of work culture.

July 2022

President's Page - Life by the Numbers: Reaching Out to the Underserved

How can the industry find efficient ways to reach underserved populations with life insurance? Dave Levenson, President and CEO of LIMRA and LOMA, shares insights.

Workplace Benefits: Weapons in the War for Talent

Competing in the war for talent is tough. Explore the impact of your benefits package on employee hiring, retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Aligning With the New Dynamic of Workforce Benefits

To compete effectively in the new work world, organizations must align their value propositions to the new dynamic in marketing and distribution of workforce benefits.

Protection Products Driving the Future of Annuities

This holistic view of the individual annuity market factors in riders and assesses sales based on the investment objectives of accumulation, protection, and income.

Threat of State Payroll Tax Causes Increase in Private LTC Sales

This discussion of the impact of the WA Cares Act on private LTC sales offers clues to state laws that might affect industry sales in future.

The Power of Purpose

Explore how the power of purpose can transform your personal and professional experience. Start with these tips for adopting a purposeful strategy.

Compliance With the Evolving Global Financial Landscape

LexisNexis explores how they can help your company enable efficient, effective, and more comprehensive compliance with regulatory expectations, in order to adapt to the changing global landscape.

Adding Machine Learning to Claims Boosts Customer Experience

FINEOS examines how to integrate machine learning into the claims process, to redesign processes from the customer viewpoint.

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